Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy New Year..:)

This incident happened 4 years ago, on New Year’s eve. I along with 3 of my friends had gone to Goa, to celebrate New Year. We partied hard that night and none of us was sober(4, beer, scotch, shots, hookah… difficult to be sane after that). The Beach was crowded with people of all ethnicities. Everyone around was enjoying with their own friends under a clear sky.

As the clock struck 12, it was smiles and wishes all around. Saw people wishing each other. The New year was being welcomed with a bright display of fireworks. (fireworks with us is a completely different story.. aah..what a night!)

A group of foreigners who were sitting just a little further away from us, were partying in their own small way.. dancing.. drinking.. :)(wow.. never imagined how hot a woman can look while dancing..). The group had a couple of charming women and some men amongst themselves. They were wishing people around “Happy New Year”, hugging them, kissing them.

After a few minutes when I looked back again at them there was a small gathering near that group(All of them Men). All wanting to hug and kiss those women. They didn’t notice the problem which was getting bigger with every passing moment. The kept obliging everyone who came by. One of them even smooched and groped her in the process.

I don’t know what happened to me. Suddenly got up, and went to those women. I had to push a couple of people to get to her. I told them what she was doing, is not correct and could land her in big trouble. I asked her to see around and check how many other women were kissing and hugging strangers. One of them got offended, by 1. I was being rude to her. 2. I was disrespecting her feelings.

I clarified, that the feeling which she had was not mutual. The people who she, was hugging and kissing were just doing so to be physical with her and her friend. They don’t care about the happiness she was sharing with them. I told them, it was her choice t do whatever she wants. But, I just came by to keep her out of trouble, wished her “Happy New Year”, Shook hands with all of them and came back to my place.

One look at her, made me happy. Both the ladies were shaking hands with who came by and crowd had disappeared. It was a good start to the New Year..

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pretty Woman

This happened about a month ago:

I had gone to Gurgaon(from Chandigarh) for an interview with a leading IT organization. Though I wasn’t expecting much out of the interview, I went to attend it.

Weather Report: When I left from home the weather was hot/humid and suffocating.
Thought report: All along the way was thinking about, If I get through and an offer is made will I be able to resign? Will I be happy in the new Job?

As I was entering the main gate only thing I could see was not the best but one of the best of the best woman I have seen till date. I should be prosecuted if I don’t make a sketch of her in your minds.

Pretty Woman.. The Subject of this little write up

Holding a yellow colored transparent file cover(probably holding her CV) close to her chest, she was standing right beside the main gate. Wearing a Maroon chudidaar suit with little flowers on it, she was cut out of my dreams and pasted in reality. Behind the frameless red and white specs she wore were brown eyes had a spark in them..ahh… wish I could just look into those eyes. She was petite… the most gorgeous looking woman. She was The Miss Universe that day.
Skin… smooth like cream.. melted butter…ohh.. and most important part.. she wasn’t wearing any makeup.
She was wearing 3 of them studded, a gold chain in the neck, simple earrings..what are they called in a girly lang...
Some 6-7 silver metallic bangles..
She was accessorized from top to touch given by anklets.
With all the heat and humidity around she was so relaxed, calm.(some one please ask her.. how?)

She was a fresh change in all the plain women I see every day everywhere. I wish I would have talked to her that day and told her the way she looked made everyone’s heart skip a beat(not mine… mine was beating for her ;)).

I always think of a woman as.. hot, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, cute, good looking..not so good looking; think I need a coin a new word for her.

Weather Report: Cool breeze. Cold water droplets falling from the grey sky on the top
Thought Report: Don’t remember what happened in the interview.. didn’t think of anything going back but just……..

Once again I fell in love at first sight….only till I fell again. But for the first time I dint think about a possible ending.

I Hate You…. The Best Compliment Ever.

This incident happened when I was in Hyderabad. I was dating this girl, I had met( The most lovable girl..”wow!! she was cute!”) through a common friend of ours( She is not the lead of this story.. she is just a bystander).

We had met a few times, gone for coffee.. movies etc. This day she was giving a party to her friends. I went over and she introduced me to her best friend(lead character).
This best friend of hers knew more about me than I did about myself. She was not smoking hot/cute, I would say she was average but really good at chit chat.
We talked for a while at the party, n exchanged our chat ids… ohh no..I only took hers… she already had mine…she never asked for my Id and next day.. she had already added me, I just accepted her friend request.

We chatted sometimes on and off on a variety of things.. boyfriends..girlfriends..movies..job etc…
One day I had gone to Central, she and my girlfriend were already there. We sat there for some time and then parted ways. Next day.. when I saw her online.. The following conversation transpired..
ME: Hi..:)
She: Hi
Me: You were sparkling and looking butiful yesterday.
She: Thanks.
Me: 
Me: :O
Me: why???
(No Response from Her. After a couple of minutes.)
Me: ?????
Me: Fine…don’t wanna tell…don’t! but this was uncalled for
Chat Closed.
After a few Minutes..
She: Bcus.. you are her boyfriend and not mine..:(

Can’t share what happened after this.. but this was the best compliment ever 


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Amazing Kiss

There was this girl I had been pursuing to date me for a few days. Finally she agreed to go out for a movie. I picked her up from Archana(a place in South Delhi).
PVR Spice(NOIDA status: walking next to each other)
As we walked in to watch some romantic movie in corner seats… ;) ; for the first time she held my hand and came close to me….(…wow…so soft…).
Movie Begins…Status… holding hands…
She left my hand, lifted the hand rest and came closer to me, held my arm and lent on me...her head resting on my shoulder….(she smelt so good….this feels so gudd)
Status…Feeling Good…
For the first time I was feeling the romance of the movie right inside me.
“Are you nervous or excited?” I asked her as her grip on my hand grew tighter. Her nails slowly digging into my hand. Normally, that would hurt, but I would call that sweet pain…
Status… Sweet Pain
Pat came the answer…”Both.. with a blushing smile!!!”. As,I put my arm around her, I felt her shiver…she had goose bumps all over her smooth, silky skin. I felt her warm breath and knew how fast her heart was beating.
Status… Amazingly smooth…
I came closer to her and looked in her eyes, I saw a shine in her eyes. The heart started beating faster. As I touched her face, she slowly closed her eyes. I moved closer and as our lips were about to meet… she let out a sigh and turned her face away….(me thinking…..what?)
And then came the best moment of the day…the face slowly turned back, as the lips met, the music started playing in the background (or was it just ringing in my ears). As she surrendered herself, the grip of her hands became loose. Her hands moved in my hair, all the nervousness transformed into excitement and moved from her to me. As our lips parted the eyes opened for a sec and we lent back into each other for our lips to meet once again. 
Final Status: Excited, Elated, Happy…
These words are not enough to describe the feeling.

10:30 PM .. Beep Beep... My cell rings.. 1 new Message..
Rohit U made my day. Muah!!!

Rohit Replies.. Baby... it was u who made my life.. Muah!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Different Experience

Just before Diwali I met a girl on one of the social networking sites. We chatted for a little more than an hour and there was an instant spark/connection between us. She asked me if she could add me to her friends list. I agreed and things started rolling on from there. For next few days we chatted on and came to know about each other. The chat also had some flavors of flirting and fighting.

One day she says “when she is not talking to me she misses me and do you feel the same?”

This was the turning point of the relation. The chat became more regular and for longer periods of time. One day I asked her if we could talk over the phone as I wanted to know her better and she refused, but said she loves me and hates saying No to me. She asked again: “Do you feel the same?” I said “Yes!!”.

She then told me about her family and her plans for the future. She said “we cannot take this relation to next level!” On asking the reason the reply came that she will be engaged soon. Being the way I am, persuaded her to continue with me. When the time will come we will think about it then. But she was not convinced. She mailed that she cannot continue and we must end this relation now over the mail. I didn’t give her a reply. We didn’t talk for next 2 days. Then she comes online and says she wants to talk to me.

What she said next left me dumbstruck……….

She told me that she has been married for a long time and loves her husband a lot. But in the past few days has thought about me and felt about me. She doesn’t know how it happened. She says she wants to speak to me as a friend still and if we could talk again. She gave me her number as she wanted to speak to me now. I gave her the number as I had many things to ask her.

We spoke for approximately 3 hours over the phone. She said she cannot discuss the same with her husband or anyone else. I am the only person she can discuss it with. She didn’t want things to turn out as they did? She felt guilty for doing so. She cried over the phone. I have always liked to see a woman cry…as her face turns red, eyes pink in color.. and nose all red.. wow…

I turned a little sympathetic towards her and told her nothing’s happened…no need to worry. She said she liked me, but cannot ignore her family….Again I had no words to say….

Then she said that she cannot continue to do so.. we cannot talk anymore and this was the last time we were talking..

I asked her what if I ask her to do the continue the relation as it was.. what would you do? She said she doesn’t know…. But she cannot have an extra marital affair.. as Friends she said we can talk but not like it was.. Excellent opportunity for a guy… My mind said no… but still there was a feeling to go after her….still not able to understand why…I had no feelings for her till the time it remained to chat…but after knowing everything and knowing it is wrong still I want to go on with her. After the call 2 days ago, there has been no communication between us…

All it was an interesting experience which I cannot forget…Was it a correct thing to do?