Sunday, November 16, 2008

Different Experience

Just before Diwali I met a girl on one of the social networking sites. We chatted for a little more than an hour and there was an instant spark/connection between us. She asked me if she could add me to her friends list. I agreed and things started rolling on from there. For next few days we chatted on and came to know about each other. The chat also had some flavors of flirting and fighting.

One day she says “when she is not talking to me she misses me and do you feel the same?”

This was the turning point of the relation. The chat became more regular and for longer periods of time. One day I asked her if we could talk over the phone as I wanted to know her better and she refused, but said she loves me and hates saying No to me. She asked again: “Do you feel the same?” I said “Yes!!”.

She then told me about her family and her plans for the future. She said “we cannot take this relation to next level!” On asking the reason the reply came that she will be engaged soon. Being the way I am, persuaded her to continue with me. When the time will come we will think about it then. But she was not convinced. She mailed that she cannot continue and we must end this relation now over the mail. I didn’t give her a reply. We didn’t talk for next 2 days. Then she comes online and says she wants to talk to me.

What she said next left me dumbstruck……….

She told me that she has been married for a long time and loves her husband a lot. But in the past few days has thought about me and felt about me. She doesn’t know how it happened. She says she wants to speak to me as a friend still and if we could talk again. She gave me her number as she wanted to speak to me now. I gave her the number as I had many things to ask her.

We spoke for approximately 3 hours over the phone. She said she cannot discuss the same with her husband or anyone else. I am the only person she can discuss it with. She didn’t want things to turn out as they did? She felt guilty for doing so. She cried over the phone. I have always liked to see a woman cry…as her face turns red, eyes pink in color.. and nose all red.. wow…

I turned a little sympathetic towards her and told her nothing’s happened…no need to worry. She said she liked me, but cannot ignore her family….Again I had no words to say….

Then she said that she cannot continue to do so.. we cannot talk anymore and this was the last time we were talking..

I asked her what if I ask her to do the continue the relation as it was.. what would you do? She said she doesn’t know…. But she cannot have an extra marital affair.. as Friends she said we can talk but not like it was.. Excellent opportunity for a guy… My mind said no… but still there was a feeling to go after her….still not able to understand why…I had no feelings for her till the time it remained to chat…but after knowing everything and knowing it is wrong still I want to go on with her. After the call 2 days ago, there has been no communication between us…

All it was an interesting experience which I cannot forget…Was it a correct thing to do?

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Kadriya said...

WOW! What an experience!
i feel like i'm wasting my life without dating anyone, without kissing anyone now after i've read ur essays...
without enjoying life as ppl around me do, waiting lond years for someone special to come...
should i change my view on life and on love?..