Sunday, December 20, 2009

Amazing Kiss

There was this girl I had been pursuing to date me for a few days. Finally she agreed to go out for a movie. I picked her up from Archana(a place in South Delhi).
PVR Spice(NOIDA status: walking next to each other)
As we walked in to watch some romantic movie in corner seats… ;) ; for the first time she held my hand and came close to me….(…wow…so soft…).
Movie Begins…Status… holding hands…
She left my hand, lifted the hand rest and came closer to me, held my arm and lent on me...her head resting on my shoulder….(she smelt so good….this feels so gudd)
Status…Feeling Good…
For the first time I was feeling the romance of the movie right inside me.
“Are you nervous or excited?” I asked her as her grip on my hand grew tighter. Her nails slowly digging into my hand. Normally, that would hurt, but I would call that sweet pain…
Status… Sweet Pain
Pat came the answer…”Both.. with a blushing smile!!!”. As,I put my arm around her, I felt her shiver…she had goose bumps all over her smooth, silky skin. I felt her warm breath and knew how fast her heart was beating.
Status… Amazingly smooth…
I came closer to her and looked in her eyes, I saw a shine in her eyes. The heart started beating faster. As I touched her face, she slowly closed her eyes. I moved closer and as our lips were about to meet… she let out a sigh and turned her face away….(me thinking…..what?)
And then came the best moment of the day…the face slowly turned back, as the lips met, the music started playing in the background (or was it just ringing in my ears). As she surrendered herself, the grip of her hands became loose. Her hands moved in my hair, all the nervousness transformed into excitement and moved from her to me. As our lips parted the eyes opened for a sec and we lent back into each other for our lips to meet once again. 
Final Status: Excited, Elated, Happy…
These words are not enough to describe the feeling.

10:30 PM .. Beep Beep... My cell rings.. 1 new Message..
Rohit U made my day. Muah!!!

Rohit Replies.. Baby... it was u who made my life.. Muah!

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