Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy New Year..:)

This incident happened 4 years ago, on New Year’s eve. I along with 3 of my friends had gone to Goa, to celebrate New Year. We partied hard that night and none of us was sober(4, beer, scotch, shots, hookah… difficult to be sane after that). The Beach was crowded with people of all ethnicities. Everyone around was enjoying with their own friends under a clear sky.

As the clock struck 12, it was smiles and wishes all around. Saw people wishing each other. The New year was being welcomed with a bright display of fireworks. (fireworks with us is a completely different story.. aah..what a night!)

A group of foreigners who were sitting just a little further away from us, were partying in their own small way.. dancing.. drinking.. :)(wow.. never imagined how hot a woman can look while dancing..). The group had a couple of charming women and some men amongst themselves. They were wishing people around “Happy New Year”, hugging them, kissing them.

After a few minutes when I looked back again at them there was a small gathering near that group(All of them Men). All wanting to hug and kiss those women. They didn’t notice the problem which was getting bigger with every passing moment. The kept obliging everyone who came by. One of them even smooched and groped her in the process.

I don’t know what happened to me. Suddenly got up, and went to those women. I had to push a couple of people to get to her. I told them what she was doing, is not correct and could land her in big trouble. I asked her to see around and check how many other women were kissing and hugging strangers. One of them got offended, by 1. I was being rude to her. 2. I was disrespecting her feelings.

I clarified, that the feeling which she had was not mutual. The people who she, was hugging and kissing were just doing so to be physical with her and her friend. They don’t care about the happiness she was sharing with them. I told them, it was her choice t do whatever she wants. But, I just came by to keep her out of trouble, wished her “Happy New Year”, Shook hands with all of them and came back to my place.

One look at her, made me happy. Both the ladies were shaking hands with who came by and crowd had disappeared. It was a good start to the New Year..


Random Thoughts said...

hmm good job :), keep it up ...
i remember u had told about it after ur trip

Shaky Moods~~ said...

Ji malik.. aise hi karege..Yaa one of the best things done by me.