Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Hate You…. The Best Compliment Ever.

This incident happened when I was in Hyderabad. I was dating this girl, I had met( The most lovable girl..”wow!! she was cute!”) through a common friend of ours( She is not the lead of this story.. she is just a bystander).

We had met a few times, gone for coffee.. movies etc. This day she was giving a party to her friends. I went over and she introduced me to her best friend(lead character).
This best friend of hers knew more about me than I did about myself. She was not smoking hot/cute, I would say she was average but really good at chit chat.
We talked for a while at the party, n exchanged our chat ids… ohh no..I only took hers… she already had mine…she never asked for my Id and next day.. she had already added me, I just accepted her friend request.

We chatted sometimes on and off on a variety of things.. boyfriends..girlfriends..movies..job etc…
One day I had gone to Central, she and my girlfriend were already there. We sat there for some time and then parted ways. Next day.. when I saw her online.. The following conversation transpired..
ME: Hi..:)
She: Hi
Me: You were sparkling and looking butiful yesterday.
She: Thanks.
Me: 
Me: :O
Me: why???
(No Response from Her. After a couple of minutes.)
Me: ?????
Me: Fine…don’t wanna tell…don’t! but this was uncalled for
Chat Closed.
After a few Minutes..
She: Bcus.. you are her boyfriend and not mine..:(

Can’t share what happened after this.. but this was the best compliment ever 



Kadriya said...

lucky u! )))

Random Thoughts said...

y r u posting these on blogs, write a book with small chapters like this....