Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pretty Woman

This happened about a month ago:

I had gone to Gurgaon(from Chandigarh) for an interview with a leading IT organization. Though I wasn’t expecting much out of the interview, I went to attend it.

Weather Report: When I left from home the weather was hot/humid and suffocating.
Thought report: All along the way was thinking about, If I get through and an offer is made will I be able to resign? Will I be happy in the new Job?

As I was entering the main gate only thing I could see was not the best but one of the best of the best woman I have seen till date. I should be prosecuted if I don’t make a sketch of her in your minds.

Pretty Woman.. The Subject of this little write up

Holding a yellow colored transparent file cover(probably holding her CV) close to her chest, she was standing right beside the main gate. Wearing a Maroon chudidaar suit with little flowers on it, she was cut out of my dreams and pasted in reality. Behind the frameless red and white specs she wore were brown eyes had a spark in them..ahh… wish I could just look into those eyes. She was petite… the most gorgeous looking woman. She was The Miss Universe that day.
Skin… smooth like cream.. melted butter…ohh.. and most important part.. she wasn’t wearing any makeup.
She was wearing 3 rings..one of them studded, a gold chain in the neck, simple earrings..what are they called in a girly lang...
Some 6-7 silver metallic bangles..
She was accessorized from top to bottom..final touch given by anklets.
With all the heat and humidity around she was so relaxed, calm.(some one please ask her.. how?)

She was a fresh change in all the plain women I see every day everywhere. I wish I would have talked to her that day and told her the way she looked made everyone’s heart skip a beat(not mine… mine was beating for her ;)).

I always think of a woman as.. hot, sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, cute, good looking..not so good looking; think I need a coin a new word for her.

Weather Report: Cool breeze. Cold water droplets falling from the grey sky on the top
Thought Report: Don’t remember what happened in the interview.. didn’t think of anything going back but just……..

Once again I fell in love at first sight….only till I fell again. But for the first time I dint think about a possible ending.

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Kadriya said...

well, looks like u r one of those who easily falls in and out of love...or maybe there is no "out" but just "in love" ;))
anyways, it must be rather funny and refreshing to be like that ))
i guess i should try to be so easy sometimes )))